Belarus On the International Arena - Политология

During the period that Belarus was a Soviet republic, the Communist government of the Soviet Union controlled the entire economy. After Belarus became independent, it planned, like other former Soviet republics, to reduce government control of economic activities. The plans called for many inefficient state-owned factories, farms, and other businesses to close, and for the number of private businesses to grow. But the country's slow pace in changing to a free-market system led to reductions in international aid. As a result, Belarus moved to form closer ties with other former republics of the Soviet Union, especially Russia.

As a sovereign country, Belarus enjoys fall rights and is active on the foreign arena. From the moment of setting up the United Nations Organization (UNO) Belarus as one of its constituent member states takes an active part in the work of this association, its organs and institutions. Belarus regularly sends its delegations to the sessions of the UNO General Assembly, has its permanent delegation and its own staff in it. Belarus is a member of some international specialized organizations, commissions, bureaus, funds and other organs.

On the initiative of Belarus the international organizations have adopted a number of important decisions, particularly on the punishment of war criminals, on education of youth in the spirit of ideas of peace and friendship among nations. Belarus has signed many treaties, agreements, protocols and conventions on co-operation with other countries in various fields. Belarus has many times been the seat of convening international meetings, such as UNO seminars on social aspects of industrialization and on distribution of industry, seminars on the International organization of labour on inspection of labour, etc. Together with representatives of other peace-loving countries the envoys of Belarus are struggling tor implementing a policy that answers the basic interest of all nations of the world, for their peace and security, co-operation and friendship.

The Belarusian people indefatigably strengthen and broaden their ties with the people of other countries. Its public organizations have established direct contacts and exchange delegations with their trade unions, youth, women's and sports organizations. Fruitful are the activities of the Belarusian Society for Friendship and Cultural Relations with foreign countries. It maintains contacts with many different organizations, such as World Bank, World Health Organization, International Labour Organization, UNESCO, the European Union, etc. Belarus cooperates with such countries as Germany, Denmark, France, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, the USA and many others.

Give the English equivalents of:

1. гонка вооружений

2. помощь, содействие

3. подписать соглашение

4. добиваться общих целей

5. финансовая помощь

6. урегулировать конфликт

7. эмбарго

8. снимать запрещение

9. осуществлять контроль над

10. миротворческие силы

11. использовать силу против

12. штаб-квартира

13. миротворец

14. постоянный член ООН

15. ослабить напряженность

16. ежегодное заседание

17. специальное заседание

18. иметь право вето

19. способствовать, помогать

20. нарушать договоренность о перемирии


A 1. Make sure that you remember the following words and expressions:

Air strike, armed conflict/ group, army, attack, to attack, attacker, battle, to battle, battle field, bomb, to bomb, capture, to capture, capturer, to declare war on/against smb./smth., declaration, enemy, to defend, defense, defender, fight, to fight, fighter, a front, to be at/behind/in/on (a) front line(s), hot spot, military campaign/forces/operation, to to take by storm, struggle, to struggle with, surrender, to surrender, to surround smb./smth., troops, to withdraw troops, warfare, warring action/faction/parties, weapon.